Whether they come for a few hours or a full day, all dogs in our daycare program get the chance to play off-leash with their friends, chase balls, play with safe chew toys and interact with our caring and attentive Dog Assistants (DAs).

With over ten years of experience in this business, we pride ourselves on providing a fully-supervised environment that promotes good behavior, reinforces basic obedience while also letting dogs be dogs – your dog will socialize with canine friends while getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need.

Your Dog’s Day

When you bring your dog to Doggie Central to take part in our daycare program, you’ll drop them off at a time that’s convenient for you and let us know about any special instructions for the day. If you choose to bring a meal or snack, they’ll be given a quiet time away from the other dogs to enjoy their food in peace. Otherwise, they’ll spend the day in one of our cage-free, off-leash play areas. Our staff is trained in dog body language and behavior, and keep a close eye on the action to make sure every dog is able to enjoy their time with us. While free-play makes up the bulk of the day, there’s also plenty of time for napping or just relaxing together – all of which are key parts of the dog’s world of social interactions.

In addition to your dog’s play day, you can book a bath, brush or nail trim and rest assured, at the end of the day YOU WILL BE PICKING UP A HAPPY AND TIRED DOG!

Our Dog Assistants

Our staff gets to know each dog personally – their likes and dislikes, their moods and special needs and even who their best friends are! Being a regular daycare client means you have more people in your dog’s “pack” – we’ll let you know about any changes in behavior, and can help to flag health issues early. It’s good to have friends!

Getting Started

We offer daycare services from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (some weekend daycare available – call to inquire) . To participate, dogs must pass a behavior assessment and be up-to-date on annual and rabies vaccines. Contact the location you’re interested in to book an assessment and get your dog started on the way to a fuller life full of play and new friends.


Benefits of Doggie Daycare

The benefits of enrolling your dog in a doggie daycare environment are mental stimulation, physical exercise; conditioning dogs to play appropriately with other dogs, relieving separation anxiety and assisting owners with molding a well-balance dog.



  • Health • Happiness • Convenience

The Dog’s Park – 3151 Lenworth Drive
(near Dundas and the 427)