We offer 3 convenient options to suit every dirty dog!!


Happy to do it yourself? With our U-Wash option, you book a time to use our tub, spayer, towels and professional air-dryer. Bring your own shampoo and your dog of course! Leave with a clean dog, and leave the mess for us.


We do all the work and provide all the products – you are welcome to bring our own shampoo if your dog has special needs or you simply have a favourite. Book a time to drop off your dog, go run errands or enjoy a coffee, and come back to pick up a clean, fresh dog. If you want the full “spaw” treatment our other services can be combined with your We-Wash.

Care’n Wash

What is better than a day of daycare? Daycare and a “spaw” treatment. We will give your dog a good scrub down during their day of daycare and we provide all the products. Other services can be combined with your care n wash.


Nail Trims

Nail trims are available by appointment and can be combined with any wash service

Brush outs

Brushing is available by appointment and can also be booked with a We Wash or Care n’ Wash service.  Prices vary by breed and condition of coat.

Ear Cleaning

Prevent infection and odour – ear cleaning can be combined with any wash service.

All services available for all size dogs at both our locations.

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