I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team of doggie daycare for the love and care you gave our four legged kids Bosie and Bronte. Without hesitation we will always consider leaving our kids with you when we travel. Your daycare for us is a blessing as we know our kids will be safe and happy.

Thanks so much and we will see you soon to care for our Jack Russells

Marshall, Jacquie, Bosie & Bronte – Boarding

Our dog, Abby, is an extremely anxious dog. The only people she allows near her are me, my husband, my parents, our neighbour and the wonderful women at Doggy Central. No joke. When we pull into the Doggy Central parking lot I cannot get out of the car fast enough, Abby is so excited. My husband and I booked a trip to Spain and were concerned about leaving Abby as we have had a bad experience with another boarding place. We returned after nine days and I was thrilled by the dog that was returned to me. She was happy, her coat was shiny and her tail was wagging! I got a full report on how she ate and slept. I will definitely use Doggy Central the next time I go away. I also really appreciated the owners returning my email in a prompt fashion, when I felt the urge to check in on my fur baby while we were away.

Carla & Abby – Boarding

Obedience level 1 - This class has helped me walk my dog as opposed to her walking me! Her loose leash walk is on point now so thank you!

Lhasam & Maya – Training

The classes were well structured and organized. Instructors were able to address specific issues with all dogs in attendance. Overall a great program. Thank you.

Jeff & Benson – Training

Our first lab had such a good experience and learned so much that we knew we had to sign up our new pup right away!

Margaretta, Sam & Oaklie

Just a special thank you for allowing us to use your wonderful facility for the training of our dog volunteers. You were so accommodating in meeting our needs and were the perfect host!
Thank you for supporting the Etobicoke Humane Society.
Director of Dogs
Etobicoke Humane Society

Diane Wani – Facility Rental

I started taking my dog to Doggie Central almost 2 years ago when he was just a young puppy. He usually went once or twice a week for play time (it was great). Needless to say, my dog has learned to play with other dogs (all sizes). I have waited patiently to hope that they would start boarding and I happened to look on the website and noticed that they were starting boarding. I was so excited and called as soon as I saw that. My dog was one of the first ones to start boarding the first weekend they started. It was great!!! My dog gets so much play time while there and slept well. I would definitely recommend Doggie Central for boarding (as well as daycare). The people that work there are fantastic and my dog is so tired when he comes home. It is great!

Linda & Riley “Roo Roo” – Boarding

We were so glad to hear that Doggie Central had opened an overnight boarding service as our dogs have come here for several years for excellent daycare and classes. The "paper work" was well organized, the instructions clear and importantly for us, the dogs and the staff staying overnight were familiar to our dog. Shayna must have had a wonderful time because she slept so well when she came home! We would have no hesitation in recommending Doggie Central.

Jane, Jim & Shayna – Boarding

After over 7 years of sending our dog to Doggie Central we were so happy that overnight boarding was added to their services. The staff were attentive and we got a very detailed report of Cocoa's stay. Whenever we can't take Cocoa with us on our vacation we know she having the time of her life at Doggie Central. DC is definitely her home away from home!

Ann, Jason & Cocoa – Boarding

Taking Rocco to Doggie Central for daycare is the best decision we have ever made for him! It has been great for his development. He is being socialized with other dogs and we know that he is being taken care of by the "Dog Assistants" that are always in the room with them. The facility is huge and there are many toys for him to play with, although I think Rocco likes the other dogs more than then anything else. The live webcam is the best part about Doggie Central's daycare service! I get to see first hand how much Rocco really enjoys his time there. When we pull up in the morning he is so excited! When we pick him up at night he is exhausted from his hard day of play. Thank you so much for providing such an outstanding service for our puppy - I know he thanks you as well!

Danielle & Rocco – Daycare

Being a single parent to a puppy is a tough job! On the first night, I held Buster in my arms, stared him straight in the eyes and admitted, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” He just looked back at me with an expression that read, “You better figure it out – and fast!” Up to this point, I had very few commitments, but this little bundle of fur was going to depend on me to love and care for him by all means possible – in fact, it was more a demand. Although, I knew nothing about dogs, raising Buster in a happy, healthy environment became a priority.
The Dog’s Garage, was the answer to my prayers!

As a first-time dog owner, I felt the staff members were friendly and encouraging, confidently insisting that Buster & I were going to be just fine. Wanting the best for my puppy became their mission too. They recommended chew toys, delicious treats, grooming products and even toothpaste! Seriously, who knew about beef-flavoured toothpaste?!

We’re constantly greeted with warm smiles and showered with attention. Buster’s tail never stops wagging when we’re there and practically jumps out of the car when we pull up to the building! Leaving the Dog’s Garage is a heart-breaking task every week for both of us! The staff really love their jobs, and it’s evident in the Daycare, when they’re playing and cuddling the dogs while ensuring a safe and happy “home away from home”.

The professional product knowledge, the training skills & consistent customer service are first-class. The genuine warmth they show towards each dog & their owner is not just business, it’s a way of life.

Thank you to the Doggie Central team for a job well done!

See you next week!

Kathryn & Buster – Daycare

Puppy Foundations at Doggie Central was the first group class I’d ever taken with my new puppy and I was a bit nervous about it. Fortunately, I had no need to worry. The instructor quickly learned the strengths and weaknesses of each dog and handler team and helped us work through any problems.
The class was a great mix of more serious training combined with fun games that put the skills we were learning into practice. Because of the class size we all got individual attention and the instructor was always willing to stay late to give extra advice.
Since that first course, I have now followed up with obedience level 1, outdoor obedience level 1 and agility for fun, where I was really impressed with what is involved in creating team work between dog and owner. I would highly recommend any of these classes and instructors to anyone looking to polish up their dog’s basic obedience and to learn to have a wonderful relationship with your dog.

Anne and Ambush – Training

Charlie and Susie love going to Doggie Central as it has everything to suit their individual needs. Susie can run around with the other dogs in the huge play area and practice her agility tricks and Charlie can play in a more supervised setting in the smaller, gated area. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the venue is top notch. They always leave Doggie Central with great big doggie grins on their faces and promptly take a well deserved nap on the car ride home!

Candy, Charlie and Susie – Play Session

I brought my 10 week old puppy to Doggie Central as my first choice. The training my dog and I received gave me the confidence I needed to raise my puppy. Each week I saw a major improvement in his behaviour and obedience. I recommend this course to all new puppy owners.
Puppy Foundations & Socialization

Harry & Roxton – Training

Doggie Central is a fun, safe place filled with friendly dog experts who will help you and your dog excel in training and socialization. Highly recommended for all dog lovers!
Agility Level 1

Jessica & Ghost – Training

I am writing to express my appreciation for the professional and wonderful work that you and your staff do at Doggie Central. We have taken a variety of courses and enjoyed each one. We appreciate the advice given by the staff whenever we have queries and we particularly like the encouragement offered by your dog sport trainers. The recall course made a huge difference in Libby’s obedience!! We also enjoyed the Pet First Aid course. Extremely useful information and well organized! Thanks for a job well done!

Le-Anh, Libby & Chloe – Dog Sport Training

An amazing experience. The facilities are well maintained and the staff are very polite and helpful. Highly recommended.
Obedience Level 1

Mark & Remington – Training

Absolutely amazing! Very encouraging training atmosphere for both dos and owners. We look forward to our classes every week!
Obedience Level 1

Marlee & Olive – Training

Doggie Central in an exceptional facility that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone who wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your dog is in a safe, fun and responsible environment. My dog Ollie and I were one of the first clients to walk through their doors and have been loyal, happy clients ever since. I would not even consider using an alternate daycare service. This is not just another place to drop off your dog but a great deal more; Leslie and Jeff have worked tirelessly over the years to create something special and unique all within a spotless facility maintained by impeccably professional and friendly staff. There is a wide spectrum of training classes, special events, evening/weekend free play where dogs and owners get an opportunity to socialize, convenient grooming stations, dog photography and a fantastic boutique that offers some of the finest food, toys and accessories available in today’s market. Doggie Central sets the new standard of what a dog daycare should be and there is no one else out there that can match it.

Sandra & Ollie – Daycare

I really enjoyed the Pet First Aid class. I am very happy I worked around my vacation plans to attend.
I feel more confident that I could help my little furry man. Timmy is my first pet and it is a little scary.
I have been making up a first aid kit for both myself and Timmy with what I learned at the course.
Thank you all so much for having the Pet First Aid course.

Gerri & Timmy – Pet First Aid Course

We found that the first aid course was very informative and definitely invaluable to anyone who has a four-legged pet. The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave us tips/insights on things that we would never have thought of outside the class. Furthermore, having a real live dog (who was a great sport by the way) for practice made us confident in the skills we have learned. We will definitely recommend this course to pet owners and thanks again for putting this class together.

Edwin, Marc, Casey & Finnegan – Pet First Aid Course

I recently attended the Pet First Aid Course at Doggie Central. I found it to be very professionally handled (both live and in the back up reference book) and all presented in a friendly, approachable and hands on manner. I left feeling more than satisfied with the experience, and am confident that I am a more confident pet owner because of it. I highly recommend that all pet owners invest in this course for the well-being of their furry friend.

Kells, Sean, Jazz & Bentley – Pet First Aid Course