A good dog is a trained owner!

We offer a wide range of group classes including puppy, three levels of obedience (Level 1, 2 and 3) as well as dog sports including agility, fly ball and Rally O. We also offer private training sessions tailored to the specific goals you are trying to achieve with your canine companion.

Our Approach

Our balanced approach to training provides you with the option and flexibility to use different techniques and pieces of equipment in achieving your personal goals for you and your dog. Both praise and suitable behavioral modification methods are used in our obedience classes with the utmost safety and attaining results in mind.

Our class sizes are limited to ensure that your dog receives personal attention while still offering the level of distraction required to proof the training commands in a group environment.

Our trainers have extensive backgrounds in obedience / dog sport training, behaviour awareness, canine body language, and canine behaviour.

All training classes, outlines and content have been developed by Doggie Central.  This ensures continuity and consistency for all the courses and the trainers at both locations.