Please can I play off leash with my friends?

Bring your dog and play off leash in a safe, social and stimulating environment. Our play sessions offer you the chance to play with your dog, challenge the agility equipment (when available) and meet other dogs and their owners.

You never know who you or your dog will meet!

Indoor play sessions provide you a place to play, exercise and socialize your dog in one of our spacious, clean and safe facilities.  All play sessions are supervised by one of our trained Dog Assistants who will be pleased to offer any assistance or advice you or your dog may need.

Please no treats in the play area.

We have play sessions to suit all sizes/ages.

– Small dog play sessions cater to small breed dogs 20-25 lbs and under.
– Open play sessions invite dogs of all sizes to play together.
– Puppy play session is for puppies only
small & medium breeds up to 20 wks
large breed and larger puppies up to 16 wks
(with minimum first set of shots).

Want to join in on the fun?

What to bring

All dogs must be fully vaccinated (except for puppies who must have at minimum first set of vaccinations) in order to participate in any of the play sessions.  Please bring your dog’s most recent vaccination records (available from your veterinarian).

* For the health and safety of all our canine friends, entrance to the play session will be denied without proof of vaccination records.

Who can participte

All dogs must be well socialized, non aggressive towards other dogs, toys, food or people.  Behaviour must be controlled through verbal commands.  Excessive barking is not permitted.  Dogs displaying disruptive behavior including mounting, bullying or marking in the facility will be asked to leave the play area.

All dogs must be spay or neutered – (except for puppies)


Play Session Schedules

  • I promise to have fun and allow others to have a good time as well
  • My owner agrees to pay full attention to me and not to leave me alone at any time
  • I will avoid any type of aggressive or disruptive behaviour towards any of my canine friends (this includes mounting or marking in the facility)
  • If I have an accident in the play area my owner will clean up after me
  • I understand that Doggie Central has the right to ask us to leave the play session for any reason
  • If I am playing and I get hurt in anyway my owner knows that they will be responsible for any expenses incurred
  • I promise not to bark excessively while in the play area

When are the play sessions?

Click here to review the Play Session Schedules.