Being a single parent to a puppy is a tough job! On the first night, I held Buster in my arms, stared him straight in the eyes and admitted, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” He just looked back at me with an expression that read, “You better figure it out – and fast!” Up to this point, I had very few commitments, but this little bundle of fur was going to depend on me to love and care for him by all means possible – in fact, it was more a demand. Although, I knew nothing about dogs, raising Buster in a happy, healthy environment became a priority. The Dog’s Garage, was the answer to my prayers! As a first-time dog owner, I felt the staff members were friendly and encouraging, confidently insisting that Buster & I were going to be just fine. Wanting the best for my puppy became their mission too. They recommended chew toys, delicious treats, grooming products and even toothpaste! Seriously, who knew about beef-flavoured toothpaste?! We’re constantly greeted with warm smiles and showered with attention. Buster’s tail never stops wagging when we’re there and practically jumps out of the car when we pull up to the building! Leaving the Dog’s Garage is a heart-breaking task every week for both of us! The staff really love their jobs, and it’s evident in the Daycare, when they’re playing and cuddling the dogs while ensuring a safe and happy “home away from home”. The professional product knowledge, the training skills & consistent customer service are first-class. The genuine warmth they show towards each dog & their owner is not just business, it’s a way of life. Thank you to the Doggie Central team for a job well done! See you next week!