A cold wet night in February 2005 provided the inspiration for the creation of Doggie Central.

As we struggled with our “bouncing off the walls” Jack Russell Terrier, Radar, trying to get a sweater and boots on to go out for some “exercise” that walk lasted all of 5 minutes. We carried him home and said to ourselves “there has to be a better way of doing this!

10years-doggiecentralThat night, 10 years ago we sat down and excitedly discussed what we and other dog owners needed to look after the most important (in our minds and his) member of the family.

We started with the idea of an indoor dog park to go to when it was wet and cold out. As we talked more and more, ideas started flowing.

We realized that being able to provide a safe, structured daycare would appeal to us. We also admitted that our 7 year old Radar could have done with some better socialization and training. We talked about what we wanted for our own urban dog and decided we would create a canine learning center that would have the best of the best courses for dogs and their owners from puppy-hood to the senior years.

As the hour passed, we kept thinking of what we wanted for our own dog and realized that was the best dog services available anywhere!

As night turned to dawn, Doggie Central took shape. Daycare, obedience training, dog sports, wash stations, play sessions and seminars all came to life!

Over the past 10 years we have continued to add more and more innovative programs and services. But we still always ask the same question before we do anything… that is “Is this the best dog service anywhere”? If the answer is yes and we want that for our dog, we are sure you are going to want the same, THE BEST FOR YOUR DOG!

So that our friends, is how Doggie Central came to be.